Peter Gröndahl – Artists Profile

Peter Gröndahl is a remarkably talented and innovative Swedish artist presently working and residing in Palma de Mallorca. He arrived to the Mediterranean three years ago on invitation by the owners of the Puro Hotel to do its entire artwork. His varied pieces may be admired while enjoying an aperitif in the lobby of the Puro Hotel or contemplated upon with an after dinner liquor in its VIP halls. Peter’s scope as an artist is unparalleled. Not only does he excel in technique and delivery as a painter, Peter truly surpasses himself in his soulfully sketched larger than life charcoal portraits. Moreover he also charms us as a refined photographer producing works of an almost poetic appeal. His sculptures like his paintings are energetic filled with movement and executed with grace. As an Image Designer Gröndahl displays both flair and stylistic individualism, mixing in just the right touch of the enticingly subversive. He is by all means an all round artist, blessed with both skill and talent, his works a sheer pleasure to look upon. And once we come into contact with the range of his oeuvre, and become privy to the passion, dedication and fervour with which he follows his calling, he will no doubt become increasingly hard to ignore as a most significant figure in the international art world of today.

Peter Gröndahl has also published a book in Swedish, which is presently being translated and prepared for an English readership. The book should be available in English by autumn of 2013.